Broth, wonderful broth (with recipe)!

As an ardent cook and card-carrying member of the Weston A. Price Foundation (well, OK, so they don’t have cards…but if they did, I’d wear it on my sleeve), I’m sold on broth as one of the foundations of my kitchen.

Howzat, you say? You mean the stuff in cans or aseptic packages at the store? Or you mean the little cubes you dissolve in boiling water?

No, no, no. I mean the long-simmered, fragrant, nutrient-packed, digestion-enhancing kind you make yourself. From bones. Nothing adds flavor or nutrition to a meal more quickly than good broth. And it’s one of the easiest things to make, too. The internet is just lousy with broth recipes, and some of them are good, too. And I’m going to add one more, right here, right now. Continue reading

Cooking the talk (mid-January): Basic vegetable recipe

No photos this time, sorry – it was cold and we were hungry!!! I’ll take some photos tonight and do a second post.

Last night, we had:

  • Wild salmon (frozen, from Janae’s at the farmer’s market)
  • Broccoli/carrot/onion/parsnip (various sources, all FM except the broccoli which was Whole Foods)
  • Housemade green sauerkraut (a touch of caraway, new batch)
  • Flourless chocolate cake (Dagoba/Green & Black chocolate, Springhill butter, coconut sugar, farmer’s market eggs, arrowroot)

It was just lovely, and the main course took maybe half an hour. Even the cake took only about 20 minutes to mix up, so I put it in the oven around 5 so it would have time to cool nicely after baking, and we ate dinner about 7.

Easy basic vegetable sauté Continue reading