Lindner Bison update – keep calling, and an online interview 7/27!

Update on the Lindner’s situation as we head into the weekend:

The flood of calls and emails last week generated a phone meeting with a representative from Environmental Health, as well as a solid lead to a certified kitchen that may be able to rent the Lindners the space they need to plug in their freezers.

(You just wouldn’t think it would be that hard, would you?) A reasonably productive conversation took place, to the effect that as long as the kitchen was willing to store the bison, and the county was willing to approve the kitchen, everything would be solved and everyone would be happy.

With the inevitable back-and-forthing that seems to accompany getting anything signed off by a regulatory agency, the kitchen gave the Lindners permission to bring two freezers in on Monday. But this only comes with a 3-month lease, so we are all hoping – and I’m sure you are, too, if you’re reading this – that the relationship will work out perfectly and that the Lindners will have a home for their bison for some time to come.

But don’t stop making calls and sending emails till everything is signed, sealed, and delivered! A new name has been added to the brief list, so please give Veronica Bauchman a call – all names, numbers, and email links are listed below.

Pete Kennedy, the Lindners’ pro bono counsel from the wonderful Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, has spoken with Veronica Bauchman, requesting that she provide written assurance that no legal action will be taken against the Lindners. He will follow up on Monday if nothing happens today.

Would you like to hear an interview with Ken and Kathy Lindner? This week, Food Riot Radio contacted them, and you can hear them live online tomorrow, Saturday, July 27 at 5 am and 5 pm Pacific Daylight Time, or later on from the archive, at this link.

And of course, you can stay up to date at the Lindner Bison Facebook page.

Thank you so much – you’re helping to make a tremendous difference in the lives of two wonderful people and a gorgeous herd of bison!

Anjelo Bellomo, Director, Environmental Health

*Veronice Bauchman, Bureau Director, Surveillance & Enforcement, Region II
This is Verny Grajeda’s boss; Grajeda is the inspector who banned the Lindners from markets

Michael Antonovich, LA County Supervisor
661-287-3657 OR

State Senator Steve Knight

State Assemblyman Scott Wilk

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